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hull size 450cm x 55cm x 38cm     14ft 9" x 22" x 15"

cockpit 85cm x 45cm    33" x 18"

max distance foot peg 120cm    3ft 11"

26kg weight.

1 x paddle

1 x spray skirt

2 fishing rod holders

2 x bulkheads

2x storage hatches


 kayak is the perfect platform for a solo paddler who wants to safely and swiftly slice through all sorts of water conditions, from the calm of a still lake to the choppy seas of a bay or even the open ocean. Its cockpit offers more than enough size for most adult users, and with a weight capacity of 120 kg

Can also accommodate enough food, water, and gear for long outings. Dual water-resistant storage hatches and a cargo area with bungee tie-downs help secure the supplies you need for any adventure. 



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