Vagabond is a small but very dynamic kayak company. The range of high-performance recreational and white-water kayaks are all designed and manufactured in-house on state-of-the-art equipment. The Vagabond team is made up of five partners. Together, they are the magic behind the brand – uniting their passions and skills and experiences. Between them, The partners have over 140 years of paddling experience!

The small South African town of Parys, on the banks of the Vaal River, is the place that Vagabond calls home. It is here that everything happens, from design, development and manufacturing to testing prototypes on the rapids and flatwater sections of the Vaal River.


Vagabond is a kayak brand whose partners have a collective 140 years of paddling experience between them. But this doesn’t make the brand any different to many other brands created and run by kayakers. It is how and why we do things that sets us apart.

Easy-to-use, high-performance kayaks

Vagabond focus is on making high-performance kayaks that are easy-to-use. We want recreational paddlers to enjoy paddling well-designed and crafted kayaks that are suited to their activities. This means that Vagabond boats have speed and stability. Indeed, Vagabond boats are not just blobs of plastic dished up to the inexperienced as a ‘recreational kayak’. No, no, no! Vagabond believe that for social, casual and infrequent paddlers to really enjoy the experience of paddling, that Vagabond kayaks must be good. Very good.

Vagabond kayaks are so good that experienced paddlers (and their children) will love taking these kayaks on dams, rivers and the sea. Fast, easy-to-use and a pleasure to paddle, Vagabond is your first choice when it comes to choosing a kayak.

Launching a new kayak company with 15 kayaks

Vagabond launched with 11 unique designs plus four angler versions – that’s unprecedented! Instead of launching with a boat or two and adding new models each year, Vagabond had the pleasure (and pressure!) of being able to design and develop a full range in one go. The range has a consistent appearance and key features – like the Paddle Cutaways – are common to all designs. Our designs are all new and as such there are no old versions.

The best fittings on every Vagabond kayak

The fittings are the best that Celliers Kruger has designed – and he has designed many drain plugs, hatches, thigh straps and attachment fittings during his career. In addition to those fittings commonly found on kayaks, Vagabond kayaks also feature Celliers’ innovative Multifit, Scupper Venturi and Footrest fittings.

We do not have different grades of fittings for different boats. We have only one type of each fitting; the very best design of the highest quality. Every boat gets the same treatment; from the Kwando (children’s sit-on-top) to the double-seater Mazowe and the Vubu whitewater creekboat. Nothing but the best for every model.

Vagbond kayaks suit a specific purpose or fill a gap in the market

Worldwide, there are dozens of kayak companies. Vagabond is not looking to just put more kayaks into stores. With more than two decades in the kayaking industry, Vagabond has identified gaps in the market and have created kayaks for specific purposes.

With this in mind, you won’t see Vagabond launching a ‘new’ model every year where the only change has been to the colour of the boat. Instead, new models will be carefully considered and created to respond to a need in the market.