Aqua marina Fin

  • £11.99

Aqua Marina large Center Board fin


Product Description: SUP fins help steer and Provide stability of your stand up paddle board When moving at a speed. The AM SUP fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a fiberglass fin, whilst reducing the weight, so but Maintaining strength. Slide-in Center Fin Length 8.7 "x 7.1" (22x18cm); Small side fin Length 8.7 "x 4.1"(22x10.5cm)

iSUP Slide-in Center Fin 

  • Material: reinforced nylon.
  • Weight: 0.43 lb / 194 g.
  • Length: 8.7 "x 7.1" (22x18cm).
  • Base width providing drive for acceleration.
  • Depth giving grip and hold.
  • Foil Creates speed and drive. 

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