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CE compliant to European regulation on recreational craft classification.

This kayak is for the dedicated angler with good tracking and speed.

Made with LLDPE the best material available for impact resistance and durability, with 8 degree UV resistance, Roto spun moulded so no joins.

U.V inhibitor has been added to the LLDP plastic during manufacture so your kayak won't degrade down in the sun, cheaper kayaks probably won't have this.

​​​​Designed for fishing-minded kayakers and equipped with features for serious anger. Great combination of stability and performance with an excellent load capacity to keep you well provisioned and properly organized. Perfect boat for all fishing environments.

Dimensions: 3800x770x290mm 12ft6"x30"x11.5"

Weight: 30kg

capacity 200kg

This Cambridge kayak' package you will receive.

  • Adjustable foot rest 25 positions with lift up rudder system.
  • Flush fishing rod holders x4.
  • Pro swivel rod holder.
  • Stainless marine grade fixings.
  • One two part lightweight kayak paddle.
  • Extra large front storage with shutting lid
  • Center rectangle storage box with two compartments.
  • Large hatch with free fishing compartment box.
  • Extra large rear storage with cargo net.
  • Large grab handles on the sides.
  • Paddle storage.
  • Fishing Chair Upgrade.
  • Handles front and back for carrying your kayak.
  • 10 scupper locations.
  • ​​​​​​​Drainage plug.
  • Optional buoyancy aid, we will call you for the size and colour.
  • Optional kayak trolley.

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