Sit on Top Kayaks for Sale

If you’re looking for a sit on top kayak, our vast range offers high quality options to suit a range of budgets and abilities.

What is a sit on top kayak?

A sit on top kayak can be an exhilarating way to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family.

Ideal for anyone from beginners to seasoned pros, sit on top kayaks offer a comfortable and easy option for getting out on the water for both adults and children.

Similar in structure to a standard kayak, a sit on top kayak does what it says on the tin – you sit on top of the vessel rather than within the hollowed out interior of the hull. As a result, sit on top kayaks are ideal for those who may struggle to sit within or get in and out of a traditional kayak. They are especially suitable for individuals who have physical disabilities or may be nervous about taking to the water for the first time.

Why choose a sit on top kayak from Cambridge Kayaks?

Whether you’re hitting the beach with the family to enjoy the thrill of kayaking in the sea or you’re looking to relax in the open water with a spot of fishing, Cambridge Kayaks offers a range of different sit on top kayaks to suit any requirement.

Our collection of sit on top kayaks includes 2 person sit on top kayaks, perfect for those who want to enjoy the thrill of kayaking with a friend or companion. Our versatile double sit on top kayaks are the ideal choice when the whole family wants to have fun on the water.

A top kayak can also be suitable for kayaking on different bodies of water, including seas, lakes and rivers. Sit on top sea kayaks are available within our range, providing a safe, comfortable and straightforward way to kayak on the open waves. Whilst for those who enjoy fishing, our specially designed sit on top fishing kayaks are streamlined and lightweight, providing a great option when out on the water and searching for the catch of the day.

All of our kayaks can be transported on the top of a car rack, so a sit on top kayak can easily be taken on your travels and enjoyed at different locations.

At Cambridge Kayaks, we’re dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality sit on top kayaks. As a family run business, we take pride in offering outstanding products and excellent customer service every time. View our full range of sit on top kayaks for sale below.